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Shelby's 10th Gloryhole Visit
95 photos 44 minute(s), 54 second(s) of video
Added Mar 21, 2014
I was trying to think of a good description for this visit when I realized this is Shelby and the fact that she's been to the Gloryhole more times than any other girl on my site pretty much says it all. Check out how she lights up when a new cock pokes through the hole. The Gloryhole is like Disney land for your dick and Shelby is the best ride there.

Categories: 9 Cumshots, Brunette, Interracial, Petite, Shaved, Tattoos
Shelby's 9th Gloryhole Visit
60 photos 46 minute(s), 11 second(s) of video
Added Aug 03, 2013
Shelby can't get enough of the Gloryhole and this goo gobbler would live there if she knew there was going to be a steady supply of cocks to service. You guys saw how frustrated she got in her previous video when she had to wait between strangers. The Gloryhole for her is and all you can eat cum buffet.

Categories: 9 Cumshots, Big Tits, Brunette, Interracial, Masturbation, Petite, Shaved, Tattoos, Toy
Shelby's 8th Gloryhole Visit
117 photos 93 minute(s), 21 second(s) of video
Added Nov 23, 2012
Shelby's 8th Visit to the Glory Hole has been long anticipated and for good reason. In this adventure, she serviced 22 random cocks and managed to milk 18 of them completely dry like only Shelby can. This was also the very first time that she was able to get fucked through the Glory Hole and she got her tight pussy stretched out by a big black cock. Only the most dedicated cock worshiper would spend over 4 hours sucking off strangers to get a feed of cum like Shelby did this time. She even took time during one of her blowjobs to answer a call from a fan!

Categories: 18 Cumshots, Brunette, Deepthroat, Fucking, Interracial, Petite, Piercings, Shaved, Tattoos, Thin
Rose's 2nd Gloryhole Visit
79 photos 43 minute(s), 49 second(s) of video
Added Apr 27, 2012
The dynamic duo are back at the Gloryhole for Rose's 2nd visit. These two hotties play well together and like good friends, they always share. Well, it's not always quite 50/50 when Shelby is there because she tends to be a bit stingy when it comes to sharing cum. It's always the old "first cum, first serve" here at the Gloryhole. Nevertheless, they both got a nice belly full of cum to satisfy their naughty little needs. I'm taking Rose back for a solo visit so she can have all the cocks and cum to herself.

Featuring: Rose
Categories: 7 Cumshots, Brunette, Fucking, Girl/Girl, Latina, Shaved, Tall, Tattoos, Teen
Rose's 1st Gloryhole Visit
78 photos 36 minute(s), 40 second(s) of video
Added Mar 02, 2012
This update is full of "firsts". This was Rose's first visit to the Glory Hole and her first time swallowing cum! It's not my place to judge, but I wouldn't think the Glory Hole is the best place to try your first cum swallow but whatever floats your boat. It was also the first time her and Shelby got to fool around together. They have been friends for awhile now and kind of caught in the dreaded "Friend Zone". It's a little odd for me to think girls can be in the "Friend Zone" because I always thought that was something cruel they just did to guys.

Featuring: Rose
Categories: 7 Cumshots, Big Tits, Brunette, Fucking, Girl/Girl, Latina, Piercings, Shaved, Tall, Tattoos
Shelby's 7th Gloryhole Visit
84 photos 45 minute(s), 15 second(s) of video
Added Jan 20, 2012
The Glory Hole Queen is back for her 7th visit and she keeps getting better and better so I know 2012 is going to bring some good things! Shelby's skills are so amazing that should give classes to teach girls how to give head! In fact, she called me up the other day to let me know that she has a hot friend that wants to try a Glory Hole adventure but she's a little nervous so Shelby is coming down to help her get things rolling. I'm sure once she sees Shelby service a few cocks and swallow the loads that she'll jump right in to provide some "oral support"! That should be happening very soon so in the mean time, enjoy this update as she sucks and swallows her way into the Glory Hole Hall of Fame!

Categories: 11 Cumshots, Big Tits, Brunette, Interracial, Petite, Piercings, Tattoos, Thin
Jennifer's 2nd Gloryhole Visit
122 photos 44 minute(s), 36 second(s) of video
Added Nov 24, 2011
Jennifer has her second visit to the Glory Hole and gets a few surprises this time. After swallowing a few loads of cum to get things started, one of the guys asked to come into the booth with her. This guy was hung and you can see by the look her face that she knew what was coming. He gave it to her good and she could barely stand when he was done. She's never had a cock that big so was a little nervous but I bet she's hooked on big cock now!

Featuring: Jennifer
Categories: Brunette, Dick Sucking Lips, Fucking, Girl/Girl, Latina, Petite, Piercings, Shaved, Tattoos
Taylor's 2nd Gloryhole Visit
141 photos 33 minute(s), 27 second(s) of video
Added Nov 05, 2011
Taylor is back and she's ready for to suck and swallow at the Glory Hole! She got a pleasant surprise when Shelby showed up in the next booth. After some playing through the hole, Shelby joined her in the booth for some up close and personal action with Taylor's tight pussy. It's proper etiquette to share at the Glory Hole and these two babes did just that. There's not much hotter than watching two girls suck on a cock together and then sharing the cum load.

Featuring: Taylor
Categories: Big Tits, Brunette, Girl/Girl, Interracial, MILF, Shaved, Tattoos

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