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Jul. 12, 2023 (Interview Only)

Her first interview.

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Based on the preview on what's to come this is looking to be a solid update! thanks Dave.

4 months ago

ToddJames, please elaborate. How the hell do you know she has pointy eraser nips? How do you know she is in your words “FREAKY”? My only complaint is you do not spell check and proof read your messages before you submit them to Dave for approval.

4 months ago

Can’t wait

4 months ago

Wow! She A 'Ringer' for Jade Hsu the famous Asian-American Pornstar. Uncanny Resemblance! Get her in the Theater Room, Fer' Real! , Thanx, 'El

4 months ago

Thank you for not putting the interview behind/front the large screen, that was such a distraction & ANNOYING !! This is better place at least i could listen to what she was saying

4 months ago

amazing girl. very sweet/nice 'FREAKY' girl.. here we have another good-hearted freaky chick w/ great character. GOOD interview Dave. and she's got POINTY eraser-head nips too!. my only complaint is those piercings in the eyebrows & on the bridge of her nose. OUCH!!

4 months ago

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