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Tara's 1st Visit

Tara is a hot college student who is insanely horny and couldn't wait to sucks cock at the Gloryhole. So horny in fact that she left class just to go today. During the interview (See Scrapbook) we can tell how sexual she is but we all know things can change once inside the Gloryhole booth. Well, that wasn't the case with Tara and we get to see a true cum freak in action. Her pussy was dripping clear cum after the first few cocks and when I saw that I new this was going to be a fun visit.

She knows how to take care of a cock with lots of licking, teasing and deepthroat to the balls before she milks the load into her mouth. She does an amazing clean-up which is always a good sign of a true cock and cum worshiper.

A horny husband and wife couple were there today and got into the action. Along with every swinging dick that was there today, the wife had a good time playing with Tara's tight dripping wet pussy. She must be one amazing wife to massage your balls while some chick sucks your cock through the Gloryhole.

We had to cut it a bit short so she could get back to class but as we were leaving, we walked by the Swing Room and her jaw almost hit the floor. I think she was a little upset that she didn't know about that room. She has always wanted to try a sex swing but doen't know anyone that has one. She would have stayed to let a few guys fuck her in the swing but she had to get back to class so maybe next time. She has been blowing up my phone ever since her first visit wanting to get fed again so if this gets good reviews I'll take her back right away. I like slutty attitude.

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