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    May 08, 2013
    This was an interesting experience to say the least. I was recently contacted by a guy who wanted to offer his slave to service guys at the Gloryhole. You heard that right, a "Slave". Now, we've all had our share of role playing and like to take control of the situation but this one was a real deal slave. The kind that would literally do anything to please her master. She was so subservient that she wasn't even allowed to say a single word while she let each and every guy use her mouth for cum deposit. I'm dead serious and the only time I heard a noise from her is a slight grunt she made when a guy was banging her ass off. Now, the guys had no clue what the deal was with this chick and didn't know that they could have done anything they wanted to her. Each one could have dumped a load in any of her holes and she would have gladly accepted it. I don't know how her master did it but he had complete control over this petite slave girl. I think she's a contender for the "Theater Room".

    Tags: 7 Cumshots, Brunette, Fucking, Interracial, Latina, Petite, Shaved, Slave, Tattoos
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