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    Jul 19, 2013
    Courtney and Kristina are two adorable petite Latinas that are best friends and share everything together so it only makes sense that they should share cocks and cum together at the Gloryhole. Most 18 yo girls couldn’t imagine going to a Gloryhole to suck off random strangers but these two were up for an adventure and that’s exactly what they got. Here’s a little background. Courtney only gave two blowjobs in her life and that was to her b/f whom she had dated for six months. Kristina on the other hand must have started sucking cocks early but has never swallowed cum until today. The thing about the Gloryhole is a girl never really knows what she’s going to get. They could be sucking off some young college student one minute and a guy old enough to be their grandfather the next.

    Kristina swallowed a few loads and was doing great until some guy pulled a fire hose on her and gave her a mouthful that she had a tough time handling but she hung in there and got it all down. Neither one had ever seen a black cock before let alone handle one so the look on their face was priceless when some black meat showed up for his turn. These two play well together but now that the first time jitters are over I’d like to see them each do a solo visit.

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