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    Aug 29, 2014
    This hot little Italian MILF contacted me after one of her guy friends joined my site and said she would have so much fun sucking off strangers at the Gloryhole and he was right. This fun loving babe got a belly full of cum today and I'm sure she could handle a lot more but I didn't want to wear her out during her first Gloryhole adventure.

    I took her back a few days later and she tried out the theater and had an interesting experience. One of the regulars that frequently visits the theater brings in one of those Sybian toys and she rode that while she sucked a few guys off as they sat on the couch and controlled the speed.

    One guy got a little carried away with it and I think the intensity was a bit too much for her but she stayed with it and finished off several guys with some good cum swallowing.

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