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    Sep 09, 2016
    I'm pretty sure Hope just broke the Gloryhole speed record during this visit. I have no clue how this happened but she made 10 guys cum in about 30 minutes! I thought I've seen it all at these places but Hope proved that wrong.

    It's always hard to tell how a blowjob feels just by watching it but judging by how fast they were cumming, her mouth must be absolutely amazing and I'm sure the tongue stud helps her get guys off.

    She didn't show any signs of slowing down or getting full of cum but she had to leave for work so next time I'm going to keep her there longer to get more loads. She's definitely under challenged so we need to put her to the test.

    Tags: 10 Cumshots, Brunette, Cheater, Dick Sucking Lips, Fingering, Interracial, Oral Creampie, Piercings, Shaved, Tattoos, Tongue Stud
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