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    Sep 23, 2016
    Most of you have already watched Tess's interview by now so I won't go into detail about that again so I just wanted to reiterate that she has a boyfriend but they have an open relationship and are allowed to do what they like in their free time. I'm not quite sure if blowing a bunch of random strangers at the Gloryhole falls under that agreement but we'll find out during her next visit if he finds out.

    She's another girl who has a great cock sucking technique and was able to make 9 guys cum within 30 minutes. She got right down to work and didn't talk a lot while in the booth so she was hard to read but when she did take a break she expressed how much she was enjoying the experience.

    The highlight of this Gloryhole visit was when she took a monster load and couldn't contain it all. Even after she swallowed a huge amount, more cum kept pouring out of this guy's cock like a fountain.

    We ended with a post interview in the parking lot where she shared her thought on the adventure and immediately said she would go again. I'm sure she'll make your "Favorites" list.

    Tags: 9 Cumshots, Brunette, Deepthroat, Fingering, Gagging, Oral Creampie, Tattoos
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