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    Nov 25, 2016
    You guys probably already figured this out after watching her interview, but for those who haven't seen it yet, Elisha is a bit quirky. But despite that, she's a fun girl to take to the Gloryhole who has impressive blowjobs skills and was able to make every guy cum with ease. She's also a great cum swallower and never spilled a drop that was fed to her.

    She likes butt play so she started out by putting a plug in her ass. She said she's up for having a cock in her ass so maybe next time we can see more of that action in the Theater Room. She has a very tight pussy so I can only imagine how tight her ass must be. The first guy that fucked her only managed to get a few pumps in before dumping his load in her. The second guy was her first black cock and he couldn't even get inside her. This calls for a good old Theater Room gangbang to stretch her out.

    Her expressions are a bit hard to read but she was definitely enjoying her first Gloryhole adventure and wants to come back for more. I have a feeling she would just keep going until I told her to stop which is our kind of slut, right guys!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I hope you enjoy this gobble-gobble video...

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