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    Jan 13, 2017
    BJ the blowjob machine is back for her 5th Gloryhole cum feeding suckfest. I should say back by popular demand because she quickly became a crowd favorite. After watching this one I doubt you guys will get tired of seeing BJ anytime soon.

    We started this Gloryhole visit out by her shopping for a butt-plug to wear in her amazing ass while she gets fed by random strangers. The plug appropriately reads "Fuck Me" on the base, perfect for BJ. I think I could have talked her into taking some dicks in her ass.

    The first cock gave her a nice facial and barely missed her eye. That was a close one! She gobbled down a few more loads before someone asked to fuck her in the Theater Room. BJ isn't exactly a "No" kind of girl so off we go. There were quite a few customers standing around watching the show and waiting their turn so after she had her fun there we returned to the Gloryhole booth.

    She had a buffet of different sizes, shapes and colors this time and ate plenty of cum. We definitely have to see more of her with other girls so I was thinking about hooking her up with Heidi. What do you think fellas? BJ and Heidi in super slutty 4K?

    Tags: 13 Cumshots, Blonde, Booth Fucking, Butt-Plug, Deepthroat, Facial, Fingering, Fucking, Interracial, Masturbation, Oral Creampie, Shaved, Tattoos, Theater Room, Toy
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