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    Jun 30, 2017
    This chick is a total cum loving cock hoover! As she mentions in her interview (See Scrapbook), that she's a pleaser and loves it when a guy just lays back so she can take care of him with her hands and mouth. This is a very common trait for girls who are interested in having a Gloryhole adventure.

    Having a Gloryhole on each side of her was driving her crazy and you can tell that she wanted both cocks in her mouth at the same time but she had to chose which one unloaded in her mouth first. She's a total cum slut and you'll see what I meant as she moves "fluidly" from one cock to the next.

    I would consider her an "expert" cocksucker with many years of practice who is able to swallow a gallon of cum. So, you know a few guys really unloaded on her to make her gag and barely contain the volume of cum in her mouth. She recovers easily with a gorgeous smile and keeps on gulping along.

    She finished her first Gloryhole visit strong by making the last big black cock cum 4 times in a row just by using her very talented "no-hands" blowjob technique.

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