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    Jul 14, 2017
    This one proves that you can't judge a book by its cover. This babe looks very sweet and innocent but she's not so innocent when it comes to sex as you'll find out after watching the interview (See Scrapbook).

    This happy girl loves to please men and her favorite way is by using her skilled mouth. She's the kind of girlfriend that is completely content with just servicing her man with a nice relaxing blowjob. A bit off topic but I think she has one of the cutest tongues I've seen so far. You can tell that the cocks glide across it nicely as she's taking it deep.

    She has a cum fetish and her favorite thing is to swallow or getting creampied. Some of these guys must have been saving up all week because this Gloryhole visit was the first time she ever gagged on a load. She took it like a champ and giggled about it before moving on to the next random cock. This girl is a total sweetheart.

    It's been awhile since she's had anything in her ass so I convinced her to try a butt-plug and she forgot how good it felt to be filled. She let some guy put it in which I'm sure made his day and explains why he shot his load so fast. Her response after putting the plug in was "Wow, this feels really good, I should have put it in earlier". We need to get her back for some anal action. I bet a few guys could pound that ass and pussy for hours. We tried getting out of the Gloryhole a few times but more guys kept showing up so she stayed to make sure all were serviced. She's a keeper!

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