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    Aug 04, 2017
    Keep in mind that this was later in the evening after her 2nd Gloryhole visit. It was a little slow during her morning visit and she only got 7 cocks but she made up for it when she returned for the evening crowd and got 11 loads!

    This girl is a cock sucking machine and loves being on her knees while being fed load after load of cum from horny strangers. Even though this chick can chug down a lot of jizz, a few loads stopped her in her tracks. Speaking of that, one black dude erupted a monster load and all she could do was keep stroking the shaft while she waited for him to stop filling her mouth. She gave us a great side view of the many cum ropes launching into her gaping mouth. We all love that "Holy Shit" look girls get when they are overwhelmed with a load.

    It's funny when she says stuff like "Wow dude, you're a Gladiator!" after she takes a big load or he makes her work for the cum. She's a fun girl and can take a pounding at either end.

    Tags: 11 Cumshots, Asian, Brunette, Deepthroat, Fingering, Interracial, Piercings, Shaved, Tall, Tattoos, Thin
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