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    Sep 08, 2017
    The hot little cheer leader finally got her day at the Gloryhole and oh what a glorious day it was! The look on the faces as she worked her way through the crowd of guys in the hallway was priceless. You could feel the sexual energy about to be released...in her mouth that is!

    She doesn't even hit the 5 foot mark but nice things cum in small packages and everyone had fun with her today. She was happy when we first met but got even happier when she got some cocks to play with and filled with cum. The second guy gave her a nice facial to kick off her first Gloryhole visit and she was glazed for the rest of the time she was there. It was cute how she was making comments about the cum on her face and hands kept getting "reactivated" and mixed in with her spit as she slobbered on each dick.

    According to the guys who fingered and fucked her, she has an extremely tight pussy so a good gangbang in the Theater Room should loosen her right up. She loved this so you guys will be seeing lots more of this fun chick! Give her a good rating and I'll make it happen...

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