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    Nov 17, 2017
    This new Ebony chick is a straight up submissive freak so she fit right in at the Gloryhole being used as a cum dump. Before we even started with the interview she was going to leave her cell phone in her car but I told her to take it because she was going to put it in her pussy during the interview. Without the slightest hesitation she said "Oh, ok" and took it. I knew at that moment we had a winner.

    She started out in the Gloryhole booth to get her mouth and pussy warmed up with a few loads and then she got invited into the Theater Room. During the interview she tells us about her bondage fetish so to make her feel at home a few guys strapped her down to the table bent over and took turns banging her mouth and pussy until her eyes were rolling back in her head. At one point she almost ate a condom. She gets off on being bound, completely helpless and used. She even refused to use a "safe" word.

    She returned to the booth to finished getting fed by 14 random cocks. Judging by the comment already I know I have to bring her back right away for another cum feeding fuck fest. It's going to be tough topping this visit but I'm sure we can think of some fun and freaky stuff to do with this super sub slut.

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