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    Apr 26, 2013
    Kerry is one of those girls that thought it would be fun to suck off a bunch of random cocks at the Glory Hole but quickly realized that some of these guys don't cum all week just to unload in someone's mouth at the Glory Hole. That first load caught her off guard and gave her a little taste (no pun intended) for what was about to come (again, no pun intended)! Let me back up a little here and give you an idea how this day started out. During the interview, I asked her about her relationship status as I normally do. At the time she seemed a little sad as you might notice by her facial expression and I thought it was because she just got out of a bad relationship or something but I later found out that her b/f was a pro motor-cross rider who was killed not long ago. I felt like a complete ass! In my defense, how could I possibly know. It's not like we rehearse this kind of stuff so anything can happen.

    Tags: 6 Cumshots, Blonde, Gagging, Piercings, Tattoos
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