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3rd Visit

This hot lingerie model Latina is always fun to take to the Gloryhole for a good feeding. You can see the jaws drop as she makes her way through the nasty hallways to the booth area. It's like a gantlet of guys stroking their dicks through their pants with anticipation of draining a big load down her throat.

You guys saw the interview, I did my best to get a toy in her ass while she sucks but she wasn't quite ready for that but there's hope. Her "No" was more of a "Maybe" so I think I can work my magic on this one.

Right after her first warm-up cock, along came Pringles who almost ruined the day with that ginormous appendage. I was half joking about her fucking it but when I saw her reaction I realized I could probably nudge her to take it for a ride. Well, it worked and he tore that little Spanish pussy up.

I knew it wasn't the brightest idea to have her put something that big in her pussy right out of the gate but it's a first come, first cum kind of thing at the GH.

She's a sexy little cocksucker and there's a reason why she's currently the highest rated girl on the site. This Gloryhole visit will ensure that she holds that title. She's ready to come back for another visit so treat her right guys so I can make that happen.

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