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2nd Visit

These two nymphos are in the Top 10 of most popular girls on the site and are a match made in Gloryhole heaven. They never met each other before today but they connected immediately and really got into each other which won't surprise anyone. Nothing brings two girls together quite like sharing some cocks and cum!

One has lots of girl/girl experience and the other doesn't. Can you guess which one is which? There was no easing in for the inexperienced girl and she went right to eating ass.

Things were going great in the Gloryhole booth and they were warming up together nicely and then one of the guys suggested the "Theater Room". I knew what was coming but they had no clue. There was too much action taking place to describe here and I'm sure after seeing all the tags you get the idea. I also posted a lot of the action shots on my twitter @GloryholeBabes so take a moment to check them out. These 4K videos and photos are amazing if I do say so myself!

Neither of these girls fuck that much so needless to say they got a lot more than they ever expected. They returned to the Gloryhole booth to have their bellies filled with more random loads and one of them even called her boss to tell him she was running late because she was at the hospital visiting someone, lol.

A few cocks later one of the guys asked to come into the booth with the two of them. As it turns out, he was one of their old bosses. Not her direct boss, he was above that guy but they recognized each other. We were all shocked and of course I had to ask some questions about this. This is only the second time in years that a guy knew the girl. I'm sure that made his day. You always wonder how slutty some of the girls you work with are. Well, he found out today.

They finished off in the Theater Room where the two girls had their butts in the air on display while the guy went back and fourth taking turns fucking each one. This will be one for the "Gloryhole Hall of Fame".

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