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3rd Visit

This girl's cock sucking abilities and tongue action is insane. It's almost like her tongue has its own personality. You won't find many girls who are as eager to get the load out of a cock as this one.

She was so excited to get dicks in her mouth that she could barely stand still during her interview so I made it short and sweet so she could get her treat. Hey, I'm a poet!

The look on her face when she saw the Pringle can cock launch through the Gloryhole was priceless! She even blurted out "Finally!". She has amazing deepthroat skills but this monster was too much for her and she couldn't quite get her lips all the way to the base but it wasn't from lack of trying. She could have used another girl helping her get the rest down her throat.

Most girls start to get full after 8-10 loads but not this little cum dumpster. She told me during the interview that she's a bottomless pit when it comes to cum and admitted she could swallow at least two cups of jizz. I believe she could do it and would personally like to see that happen. The most we've see so far is one cup of cum swallowed at once so I bet she'd be down for breaking the cup chug record.

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