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1st Visit

You pretty much have to be a horny slut to want to suck and fuck random strangers at the Gloryhole. That's a given. But, every now and then we find a "Super Slut" who has a turbo charged sex drive like this one. These type of women are everywhere but most are closet freaks who secretly hide their lust and blend in.

She works for a large pharmaceutical and claims that the people in her office don't know what a freak she really is but I'm guessing a few guys are on to her. She's like a slutty super hero with two identities. Keep your eyes peeled guys, they are everywhere!

She's been literally begging me for months to take her to the Gloryhole. This is the girl that goes to the Adult Sex Shops by herself for random encounters and made those Twitter videos for us that I posted last month. Well, that earned her a visit and she finally got to show us what she's all about.

Shortly after she started blowing guys in the booth I heard this swishing noise and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I kept looking overhead thinking it was a plumbing issue. I guess subconsciously my mind couldn't imagine that the noise was coming from her but it was! She was flooding the Gloryhole booth floor with jets of pussy squirt!!! I've heard of this happening and one other girl I took to the Gloryhole would also squirt hands-free but this time I got to witness it first hand and record it. I would have called bullshit if I hadn't seen it for myself. For some reason it happens more when she gags herself on a cock so just imagine how much she could produce while being throat fucked.

But wait, it gets better! She doesn't like condoms and took every cock in her pussy bareback and let them fill her with their loads. I can't always promise creampies during a visit because I leave that up to the two people who are fucking but when it does happen, it's usually big like this one. Those of you who love the raw aspect of random bareback creampie fucking will love watching her meaty pussy overflowing with jizz.

I was going to hold onto to this video a little longer but she's now begging for a return visit! this chick needs to tap out! Who's with me? Let's see a show of hands!!!

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