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1st Visit

This was her very first visit to the Gloryhole and her first cum swallow training session. She only swallowed 4 load before today so she knew she needed some practice. There's no better place to get lots of sucking and swallowing practice than at the Gloryhole. It's like an "all-you-can-eat" buffet.

I also talked her into doing some ass training. She's never had anything in her ass before today and I managed to convince her to try a butt-plug. She didn't like it at first but we tried a few things to make it more comfortable and I think she's ready to explore some anal.

It's my dumb Irish luck that the day I'm taking a new girl to the GH for swallow training is the same day some big cummers show up to feed her. She was a bit overwhelmed by the volume but hung in there to service as many as she could handle.

Her mouth tapped out in the Gloryhole booth but her pussy was untouched and soaking wet so we went into the Theater Room where she got impaled by the Pringles can. She didn't think that monster black cock would fit in her tight blonde pussy but he was determined to prove her wrong. He words while fingering her gaping pussy afterward pretty much summed up that experience by saying "Oh my God I'm lose!". This is why we can't have nice things at the GH.

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