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2nd Visit

Before I tell you about this visit, I want to back up a bit to her first visit. I normally have about a half a dozen girls lined up wanting to have a first or return Gloryhole visit. This MILF was on my list for several weeks before I was able to take her and she got so worked up in that time frame thinking about it that she had an adrenaline crash shortly after she was done sucking all those cocks. This is the kind of sexual excitement we all want to see at the Gloryhole. MILF's tend to get super excited like this and that's why we love seeing them at the Gloryhole getting fed.

She was more than ready for this visit and told me right away that all holes were open for cum dump and she was ok with bareback. I would never recommend bareback in this environment but won't stop girls who want that "skin-on-skin" experience. I leave that decision up to the people who are fucking.

We never know what's going to happen at the GH and some girls say things before they get there but change their minds in the moment once reality sets in. That didn't happen with this ultra-horny MILF and she did exactly what she said she was going to do. I don't think any other GHS girl has taken as many cocks, let alone bareback cocks in her ass as she did today.

She had a lot of pent up sexual energy so I kept her at the Gloryhole sucking and fucking random cocks in every hole until she ran out of gas and was completely satisfied. She was dripping cum all the next day.

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