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1st Visit

I couldn't even come up with the words to describe this Gloryhole visit so I tried something a little different this week and posted it a day early to let the members write the description. I know I have some creative writers in the group so this was their opportunity to show us what they have. I underestimated how hot this visit was and forgot that the member would be fapping all weekend to this hot new Latina as she made a mess in the Gloryhole booth and Porn Theater.

Several members finally submitted their description so I thought it would be a good idea to combine them here along with some of the comments after watching her in action so here we go...

Member Submitted Descriptions:

"Bubbly" or even "giddy" describe this little cum slut. She has a real lust for the cocks that come through the hole and she has a mouth that would put a hoover to shame! The way she enjoys the loads and savors the taste and texture show how much of a real cock hound this one is. If you like sloppy deep throat, this is the one for you. Hail, hail the queen!

This giggly Latina deep throats like a champion. She pushes through gagging to suck down load after load, eye makeup running down her cheeks as she laughs through each messy blowjob, draining balls empty. No cock is too big for her to push her lips to the base and lick the balls for this artist, even if it requires a 69 in the theater room.

She enjoys being sloppy and messy as she feasts on cock, holding her tongue out for the next comer, cleaning the come off herself as she goes. Her pussy is on display and ready for anyone who wants to play with it. Technique is out the window as she slurps and sucks her way into the Gloryhole Swallow hall of fame, giving booth BJs and getting face-fucked through the wall.

Her theater room experience includes plenty of deep throating, gagging, and ball sucking. If there is ever an update where the audio plays a huge role, this is it.

If a cock is not deep in this latina spinners throat something is definitely wrong! She's an amazing sloppy cock hoover!!!

She kind of reminds me of a cross between between Faye, Claire and Eva. The first guy she sucked on was ticklish - so while showing off her ball worshipping skills he abruptly yanked back from her... of which she couldn't stop giggling which set the pace for the rest of the visit.

She takes a BBC out to do some sexy 69 action action in the theater room where she struggles to get him down but eventually to a nice teary eye'd reward. Once back in the booths, you should see this girl impatiently stalk for cock between the the two holes like a cat stalking its prey.

She then lets a guy eat her out but I think his mustache tickled her too much, so she let him bring her to orgasm with his fingers. She then rewards him by swallowing his load in under two minutes. There's also a lot of tears and runny mascara from struggling on the larger cocks this visit if you're into that sort of thing.

She is playful in her 1st visit, even when getting down to the serious business of deepthroating anonymous cocks.

This Latina likes it messy, seen by the way she slurps and spits on cock after cock (when not taking every last inch down her throat), with mascara running down her face before she's even done with the 2nd one! As for her blow jobs, one guy in the booth today rates her skills outloud -- "like the Tasmanian Devil" in all the best ways possible.

Not only does she swallow, she's also the kind of girl that licks up any spillage on her hand and arm afterwards... and swallows that too. Never meeting a cock too big to deepthroat yet, but sometimes doing it successfully means being on top, takes her to the Theater Room...

...and then it's back to the booth, where She enjoys a good finger-banging, and a few more intense blow jobs and swallows follow.

Member Comments:

BAM! Easily the best deep throater and agressive cock sucking girl on this site.. the super slut sucker 9000 is a machine.

Only one word accurate...WOW. There is a difference between a girl who can give head and a "blowjob artist". This is a an artist. She's amazing!

First time I didn't make it to the end of the video. One of my proudest faps!

Jeez, she doesn't suck dick. But EATS dick!! Bravo Dave, she will become one the greats. Fantastic update. Deepthroat, swallowing and visually appealing BJ technique. Couldn't have been any better than more dicks for her to blow.

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