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May, 3, 2023 (Remastered)

NOTE: This video has been Remastered with enhanced video/audio features and is now available in 4K!

Original Release Date: Oct. 31, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone. I thought I'd release Heater's 2nd Gloryhole Visit a little earlier than normal. Enjoy...

Heather's second Gloryhole adventure has been the most anticipated return in a very long time and I can understand why. Heather looks like a straight-laced office worker but deep down inside she's a cock and cum worshiper. She gives one of the most nurturing blowjobs I've seen and handles each cock like it's a gift that's eventually going to feed her what she craves most...a big hot load of cum. Nothing is left unattended and she pays special attention to the balls which must feel absolutely amazing.

Her slow and deliberate sucking action allowed me to capture some amazing videos and that's why there are some many crystal clear images in this update. I'm sure Heather fans will enjoy this visit, especially considering how many guys she sucked off. My favorite moments were when she got caught off guard by a few surprise cumshots. Now I know why most guys knock on the wall before they pop. A little warning knock is nice but the surprise ones are pretty cool.

I'm hoping someday she'll remove her mask but as long as she has her high profile job she'll have to do her best to hide her identity. I like the fact that she's down for something this naughty knowing how risky it is for her. It's like she knows she shouldn't be doing it but can't resist.

She's eagerly waiting her next visit but wants to see what you guys think of this one first to make sure there's still an interest in her.

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