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Special Visit

Who ordered the insanely hot Gloryhole visit? I know someone did because here these two babes are tearing it up in the booth.

The only thing I don't like about these type of visits is how to cram all the details of the action in the description without writing a book. Let's start at the beginning.

They get things kicked off by some very hot girl/girl kissing. They had just met moments before so I figured this would be a good ice breaker and get their juices flowing. I know, a monkey could have figured that one out but I'm still taking credit for suggesting it. After getting thoroughly acquainted, they got right into sucking cocks and swallowing loads. You guys are going to love their first cum swap!

Now just imagine peeking through the Gloryhole and seeing these two chicks on the other side just waiting to suck the cum out of your dick. I have no clue how some of these guys last as long as they do.

Their fans are going to absolutely love this visit but that's not all! After they both got fed many loads in the Gloryhole booth, I took them into the Theater Room for a bonus feature where one was gangbanged while strapped to the Fuck Bench and the other one fluffed her and the guys! Another one of my brilliant ideas...Boo Ya!!!!

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