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Vanessa's 2nd Visit

I don't always like taking two girls to the Gloryhole because it can get crowded in the small both and they often want their own cock to play with so it's hard to capture everything that's going on. But, how could I say no when Savannah asked to tag along for Vanessa's 2nd Gloryhole Visit? I knew these two would tear it up and I was right. Even after telling them to stay on one cock at a time, Savannah couldn't resist an untended cock poking through the hole and had to get her lips on it while Vanessa was busy with the cock she had in her mouth.

Seeing Savannah get excited when I pair her up with a hot chick is well worth inviting her along and the way she touches the girls makes them suck dick better so she's kind of like my female "fluffer". I also like how she has no issue jumping on a cock bareback and taking creampies in that amazing pussy of hers. Vanessa is a little more cautious when it comes to letting strangers fuck her bareback but her pussy is so tight that the few that she did let inside didn't have a problem getting off quickly even with their dicks wrapped. I'm sure she was doing some pussy muscle control on their shafts to milk them dry. Once the guys made their deposit, she would make sure that no cum was wasted by feeding it to Savannah.

They finished their visit off in style by trying something a little different. They asked the guy they were sucking off what his fantasy was. Of course he said he wanted to dump a load in one of them and have the other girl eat it out. What guy doesn't want to see that, right fellas! That's a little tough in this situation so they got creative and Vanessa put her ass up to the wall just below the Gloryhole while Savannah sucked his cock above her ass. When the guy knocked, Savannah milked his load all over the small of Vanessa's back before licking it up. This one is chalked full of visual stimuli.

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