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Oct. 8, 2023 (Remastered)

NOTE: This video has been Remastered with enhanced video/audio features and is now available in 4K!

Original Release Date: Apr. 15, 2016

This was an interesting Gloryhole visit. Well, I mean besides Brooke taking several bareback creampies. As it turns out, Brooke's mom has been in some porn videos. She showed me some pics and her mom is hot! The first thing that came to mind was how I could get both of them into the Gloryhole booth at the same time. I'm working on it guys.

We had a nice long chat to get to know her (See Scrapbook) and she's a ball of horny energy. We could have chatted for hours but she wanted cock and I wasn't about to stand in the way of that. Maybe it's me but something about her reminds me of Shelby. Do you guys see the same thing?

Ok, getting back to the good stuff. You guys know I recommend girls use condoms when fucking strangers at the Gloryhole and every now and then I get a rebel that wants skin on skin so I let them do their thing. I'm not a fan of condoms personally so I totally get it.

She can't wait to come back for another visit and next time she'll definitely venture into the Theater Room or Swing Room for some gangbang action.