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Aug. 10, 2023 (Interview Only)

Her first GHS interview and she's already craving more cum so I'm taking her again soon! She's also a three-hole girl so we're going to have fun with her!

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Please bring her back for a gangbang! She’s a cute, gen-z addition and would make a great scene with some strangers.

2 weeks ago

There wasnt enough creampies, please do 10 creampies in 1 a clips

1 month ago

What video is that playing in the back..? I don't remember seeing that episode.

1 month ago

normally i watch interviews not that much, but so is soo a cutie, i really like her ^^

1 month ago

oh my! another potential GHS legend in the making. yes. i'm glad 2 know you've already got her setup 4 more. bring it on! she'll score high. the thumbnail image alone and the cheerful smile is already a good indicator!

1 month ago

cant wait to see this chick take loads!

1 month ago

I don’t even need to watch the video, bring her back for many more visits

1 month ago

Where’s the video in the background?

1 month ago

Jesus...she is gorgeous.....Nice find Dave.

1 month ago

She sounds fucking great

1 month ago
Dave *

Early access?

1 month ago

Can vip level 3 get early access on Thursdays?

1 month ago