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Sep. 7, 2023 (Interview Only)

Her first interview.

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@toddjames. Todd, have you ever tried spell check? Trust me it will help you look more intelligent an less gullible. Starting sentences with lower case letters? Really???? Still LOVE how to watch a girl in a gloryhole sucking dick and come to the conclusion that she is “NICE”……. SHM “So humble, sweet, and kind”……….

2 weeks ago

She’s a Keeper Dave! Can’t wait for this one!

3 weeks ago

Good Interview. She's a beautiful air-head with a good heart. i luv it. we have a new star. this is gonna be a banger here!! i think once the numbers/scores are in. Dave needs to get a trilogy out of her. and possibly a team up visit. her husband is lucky. She's a superfreak 4 sure but again. She is another special lady. So humble. sweet and kind. that's beauty of this site. it attracts all of these slutty 'nice' freaky chicks who have good hearts.. they come here to START their porn careers.

3 weeks ago

28? Very hot, but not 28!

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago