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Jun. 7, 2023 (Remastered)

NOTE: This video has been Remastered with enhanced video/audio features and is now available in 4K!

Original Release Date: May 29, 2014

This is the visit Members have been waiting for a very long time so I finally got around to getting Brittany into the booth for the ultimate "Cum Shot"! She refers to herself as a "Cum Dumpster" and I wanted to test her limits by getting her to milk as many loads as she could during a Gloryhole visit into a large shot glass so she could gobble it down at the end. She managed to get 15 loads today which was a healthy feeding of cum for her but i have the feeling she could have handled a lot more.

I like the way she switched things up by sucking some loads out and spitting them in the cup, hand milking them into the cup and taking a few creampies and letting the cum from her freshly fucked pussy drip into the cup. There's never a dull moment at the Gloryhole fellas.

The guys were having a lot of fun with her today and couldn't get enough of those big natural tits and finger banging her soaking wet pussy. I lost track of how many orgasms she had and luckily she was able to replenish her fluids at the end with a big old cup of freshly squeezed cock juice.

Rate this one well guys so we get her back to the Gloryhole so she can raise the bar once again.

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